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Decoupage Terra Cotta pots with decoupage

When I first saw these pots, I asked, what a talented artist painted the flowers on the sides of these pots. Because my mom like this would be!
Maybe it’s just my astigmatism, but I looked even texture, the color in the petals. So I clicked through the post to learn more . . . and it was then that I discovered that these pots were decoupaged!
Not only that, but they are decoupaged with napkins. I’m really impressed – you’re so beautiful. Mod Podging some of the terra cotta is definitely on the Plan this summer; I would really love to have these as gifts for people.
Wouldn’t that be nice? If you want to learn how to these clay pots, click on the link below.
Decoupage Terra cotta pots on the place of My taste
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