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Decorate a ceiling fan with Mod-hodgepodge

did you Know you can decorate a ceiling fan with scrapbook paper and Mod smorgasbord? It’s much easier than you think! Here’s how it’s done.

Hi Podgers! Lynette of their craft, came up with this wonderful way to decorate, ceiling fan, and I wanted to tell you about it in your own words. I really think that it’s fabulous. So here it is!—————–I can honestly say that, as far as I know, I came up with this idea to decorate a ceiling fan, all on my own! This is really a lot to say, since most of the time I can’t the full credit for everything!Normally, I see a cute idea, and you will have to copy it and make it my own. But the FAN!! I think maybe I could have, I hope they all really come with this from me (you'll notice that my still lack of self-confidence).So, when we finished our basement and finishing goods-projects, in my favorite room in the house, my husband is the Installation of a ceiling fan was. As he was at it, put the blades on the hole fan base part, a light bulb went off in my head!I asked him, “it would damage the fan or start it on fire, if I still have a couple of cloth or paper or something to these knives?”. He thought I was crazy, but couldn’t think of a reason why it should be all messed up.So, I delayed him of the completion of the installation so I could send the fan-blades. Here’s what I did.DIY ceiling fanCollect These Suppliespaper (I used scrapbook paper and requires a 12″x12″ piece for each fan blade)Mod-hodgepodge Matt hole punch sponge paint brush (the cheap-o Michael's)X-Acto knife 1.) If you cut with scrapbook paper (12″x12″) in half and tape it together end to end to make it long enough. Make sure, whatever the print on the paper that you have to meet up pretty well, so that you can’t see the line. Wrapping paper can work well, b/c you won’t have to piece together.2.) Lay the rotor face down on the back of the paper.3.) A track in the rotor blade and also the track in the holes where it attached to the rest of the fan later.4.) Cut-out, fan-blade shape from paper. Check your ceiling fan and see if the rim is bent a little; if so, cut the shape slightly inside the lines.5.) With paper punch, punch out holes, which can be used to the screw blade on the fan. I have this scrapbooking-stamp: 6.) Wipe the blade surface of the fan and spread a thin layer of Mod-smorgasbord.7.) Place blade of paper on the fan and make sure you line up all the edges and holes punched just right. You smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles (I did this not good, you can learn from my mistake!) Let it dry for 20-30 minutes.8.) If necessary, trim the excess paper from around the fan blade with the X-Acto knife.9.) Coat the tip of the blade with the paper on it with decoupage technique. To make sure the edges and holes.10.) Let dry.11.) A few more layers of Mod-smorgasbord, make sure you dry thoroughly between coats.12.) Once you’re all dry, go attach the blades to your ceiling fan and see how it enlivens the space…so much fun! I can only imagine how funny that could be to tie in the ceiling fan with the room decor! It could be spunky or steamed, sparkly or subtle . . . so many possibilities!

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