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DIY jewelry Organizer from a Cup holder

They have to organize their balls on a budget with this DIY jewelry organizer from a Cup holder! All you need is paint, Mod smorgasbord and paper.

Shannon from Rosyscription is budget-projects and the transformation of thrift store finds. Their latest project, the DIY jewelry organizer is useful and cute . . . You’re going to love it!


I'm always looking for ways to storage solutions pretty. For some reason I find it a lot easier for me to keep things neat and clean, if the storage room looks pretty.
recently, I have been searching for a way to get my jewelry cleaned in my bedroom. To have my bracelets a bad habit, seem to wander off. You're never around when I need you!
So, I was thrilled when I found this simple, wooden coffee cup holder at a thrift store recently. I knew that all it would take was a coat of paint and some nice paper, make it an adorable stand for my bracelets.
I have a rather large collection of scrapbook paper, and I thought it would be cute to, a striped paper effect on the bottom of the stand. (and it was easier to work with, the paper into small pieces and in a large circle, which would have been difficult to cut accurately).
Want to know how to make a cute jewelry rack? Just follow the steps below.
step one: Collect your supplies.

wood coffee mug holder
Spray paint
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
Pretty paper
foam brush
- scissors
circle paper punch

step two: Prep and paint the cup-holder.

Clean the Cup and spray several thin layers of spray paint. Allow to dry the paint thoroughly.
TIP: I was able to, the top and bottom of a piece of my Cup holder. I solved it before painting so that the stand could be easily taken apart later without scratching the paint job.
step three: Cut a strip of paper for the base and attach them with decoupage.
Disconnect the base station from the top of the stand. Starting in the middle, cut a strip of paper that is longer than the diameter of the circle. Gently bend the paper over the edges of the wood circle. Use the folds as a guide for the cutting of the strip of paper. It's a couple of attempts to the paper to fit snugly on the circle. Brush a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge-down on the wood and you smooth the paper on top of it.
you are about to Create a further strip of paper that will fit, in addition to the first a repetition of the same process to measure and cut the paper. Brush another line of glue and stick the paper to the wood.
Depending on the thickness of the paper I was working, sometimes the strips of foil are under the previous strip or over it. Repeat these steps and work your way across the whole of the wood circle. After you covered the whole thing in paper strips, go back and cover the surface with 1-2 thin layers of Mod smorgasbord on the top side of the paper to protect it.
TIP: I decoupaged over the hole in the middle where the top of the stand attached. Then, I found a hole poked through the paper afterwards so I could screw the top back on.
step four: Decorate the ends of the hooks.
Use a small circle punch (or scissors) to cut out and the coordination of the paper decorations for the end of the Cup hook. A brush Mod smorgasbord on each, and attach a circle of paper. After they are dry, brush another layer of decoupage on each circle to seal them.
step five: the installation and add your bracelets!
Once both pieces are dried and cured, attach the rack to the wooden base. You can find a cute place to take your stand and put your jewelry on you!
you can Enjoy your beautiful, new DIY jewelry organizer! By the way, this state corresponds to a different jewelry organizing project, I made. . . a tablet for my balls from a glass-chip-n-dip serving piece. Hach, I just love cute storage!

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