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Graphic-DIY-hair-Pins: personalize with Any word!

use Mod melts and molds to create your own graphics, DIY hair pins! You do with the sayings and colors of your choice. SO easy.

Hey there! This is Holly from the Club, and I'm excited to share a fun, make your own graphic-DIY-hair-pins in the each and say, with all sorts of colors with Mod Melts.I've seen this type of hair pin a lot lately, especially the ones with cute sayings in a variety of colors, but I prefer to DIY whenever possible, so that I can customize the things exactly as I have you.
With Mod Melts and a small alphabet mold, you can use a couple of very short words – I have WOW, BAE, and HEY – for fastening of standard bobby-pins, and color in whatever colors you want.For an average-sized bobby pin, you should limit the words with 3 letters, but this DIY could also work with large clips/pins. Then you’d be able to add more letters. This could even be fun, with a headband! Consider how long you might be in the words. :0they are very easy to make, and I Melts better with a Mod for this type of project, in contrast to something such as resin, clay, or cement because of the fast dry time. Note, you can use a standard glue gun and glue sticks for this project as well. graphics-DIY-hair-PinsSupplies:Mod Melts, white or any other desired colorMod small alphabet Melts gunMod Melts the shape (of the letters are about .5 cm)Bobby pins, paint and small brushes (optional) step 1: Make sure that the mold is clean and heat the Mod Melt gun with a white glue stick. You can use other colors, especially if you want to, you can skip the step.step 2: if it is warm, gently press the lever to fill the desired letter with glue. They work carefully to ensure that the entire mold is filled, and don't stress if some glue ends up outside of the letter shape. Let it dry for about 5 minutes. step 3: Remove the letters from the mold and use a pair of scissors, very carefully removed all the uneven sides or loose adhesive be cut. Since the adhesive is soft, it cuts easily. Once the letters have been removed, you can continue to fill the mold, if you need more letters.step 4: Paint the letters in the desired colors, let it dry and paint a second coat for best results. If you don't want to change the color of the glue is, you can skip this step. step 5: Once the paint has dried and all letters that are ready to open the bobby pins and attach them to the side of the mold with the flat side up. This step is important to the top and bottom of the bobby pin separated from the silicone mold.step 6: Use the Mod Melt gun to attach the back of the letters on the tops of the bobby pins, so that the letter in front of the right direction, you would put the pins in her hair. (After all, you want to be able to read it.) Then let them dry before removing the pins from the edge. Paste carefully on the DIY-hair-pins in her hair (be careful, the glue may pull your hair!) and a lot of fun with their unique spells!Don’t forget to visit me in the Club Designed for the more ideas! I’ve also got another simple accessory DIY that you should try . . . the glitter cell phone case:

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