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Make a Christmas 25 typography Ornament

If you are looking for non-traditional Christmas décor, this typography is the ornament for you. I combined various things I love, including the buttons and glitter.

As you know by now, I like a lot of color in my life. This is the holidays with colors, non-traditional – such as pink and blue for Christmas celebrations includes. This typography ornament combines so many of my favorite things . . . polka dots . . . glitter . . . Keys.
If bright colors’t to your taste, you can still follow this tutorial to fit your own jewelry. It’s fun! Here’s how Imy.br>DIY typography, Ornament
Collect These Supplies

FolkArt acrylic paint – Teal and Wicker White
Mod hodgepodge gloss
FolkArt Extreme Glitter – hologram
papier-mâché Ornament – star shape
Scrapbook-paper – 1 sheet of holiday, I used Brenda Walton Peppermint Twist from K & co.
wood figures – I used “25” for the great day of Christmas
keys – 5 small pink or coordinating
Flat brush
craft glue
pencil or pen

Grab your ornie and trace elements, which he to the paper face. Flip over, and trace elements. I always do because sometimes items that look normal are actually shaped kind of funny – ie., not the same on both sides. Tracing on both sides is better, you see?

Paint your star with Teal, but it only do the edges. The paper will cover, which is nice, because you can be lazy for a little while. Make sure you put on several layers, because papier-mache is more difficult to cover. I have about three. Let it air dry. Go ahead and paint the numbers at the same time. So that they dry.

you Take that Glitter of your hologram Extreme and paint the edges. You're going to LOVE this stuff, if you like glitter. It goes a long way, and there is no mess. Do about three layers, and you’ll have a nice little effect.

Start on one side, and get your Mod collection! Spread Mod hodgepodge about the stars, what is a medium-sized coat. Make sure the stars are the tips good.

Press the paper thoroughly – smooth, smooth, smooth! You can’t smooth enough. If Mod smorgasbord comes from the side, just wipe it off with the brush. Repeat with the other side. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

Then coat the outside with Mod-hodgepodge! DON’T coat of the Extreme Glitter, because you’ll Mat the glitter effect. Coat one side, let dry, turn over and repeat.

This is really fun. I mean, REALLY fun. You take the end of your paint brush and dip in Wicker White – tap the end of the brush lightly on the wood to get letters polka dots! You can’t say here, but I’m having a blast.

Now that the ornie is nearly complete, glue down the wood letters as well as some button accents. Now doesn’t that look beautiful?

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