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Make Unique Halloween Window Art

You can use an old window to create a fun and spooky DIY-Halloween-window-art – ideal for a vintage or rustic themed holiday.

Hello guys, Ashlee is the life of My So-Called Crafty. I am SO excited that Halloween is just around the corner, so I'm here to share a fun, spooky DIY Halloween wall art project with you all!!!
I am a big Agatha Christie fan! I read the Poirot detective series in order from book one to thirty-seven, and adore them all. I wanted a couple of Christie-themed wall art for Halloween this year.
So I dug out an old window from my parents old barn and went to town with the Mod-hodgepodge!
Halloween window art
Collect These Supplies

An old window
Lace – I have a Halloween lace tablecloth from Michael's
Old book
plastic spider
hot glue
Mod hodgepodge Matt
foam brush or paint brush
ruler and scissors

The first thing I did was clean my Windows and the panes of glass. Once it was all clean I painted a strip around the frame with some black paint and a wide brush. Then I set aside set the window to dry.
While my paint dried, I used my glass is measured. I cut my lace and my chalkstock adjust the number of discs I had with my ruler and scissors.
next, I have my tips. To begin with, I apply a layer of Mod patchwork Mat is wiped on the front side of my glass. Then I carefully remove the top, put on the coated glass plate and pressed down slightly. Then I went over the top, starting at the corner, and a thick coat of Mod-hodgepodge Mat over the top.
I added the chalkstock by swiping a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge Mat to the glass pane, and then press the chalkstock at the top. Then you keep even better, I ran over the surface of the chalkstock with my scooter.
The long section in the middle, I decided, would be perfect for my book pages. I snagged a copy of Hallowe’s Party from the flea market. I cut several pages. I painted a thin layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the glass and also on the back of each page and you pressed one after the other on the window. Once the area has been covered, I the roller is rolled over the surface. Then I have a few more pages for the design and rolled it again. Then I painted a layer of Mod patchwork Mat on the top.
Then I still have the spiders. I added a DAB of hot glue on the back of each of my spiders and pushed her to the book, the page where I wanted to. To finish, I rubbed to bottom of chalk on the chalkstock, and then rubbed it. My chalk embellishments and it was ready to hang.
I love how my window turned out! I love the lace and as you can see, the wall peeking through the aging pages of the book, and the panel element.
It is a fun Halloween display and really can be customized to suit your style easily through the top and book-style, you choose. I think it would be nice to have it for Halloween with a cute kid’s book.
I know, this is definitely the star in my Halloween to come decor for years. I hope you all will try to make your own spooky window art sometime!
If you all would like to see more of my work you can find me on my blog, My so-Called Crafty life here!

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