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How to make a Christmas wreath (for kids!)

In search of the perfect Christmas children’ craft, used Mod smorgasbord? You will learn how to a Christmas wreath with only a few supplies!

If you are wondering how to children on the Mod smorgasbord of holiday action, I was about to learn the perfect Christmas gift-children’ crafts for you – how to use an advent wreath in the EASIEST way possible. It’s really so simple and so sparkly (the kids will love!)
It uses a beloved formula that doesn’t get enough attention around here: Sparkle Mod smorgasbord. The little ones need a little help with the cutting and gluing, but the Mod Podging is for each level (it’s kid safe!!!). To believe they aren’t how easy it is.
(have a look at our children, decoupage ornaments for a funny idea)
How to make a Christmas wreath
Collect These Supplies

Sparkle Mod hotchpotch
gloss-Mod-hodgepodge (optional)
foam wreath form – circle
fabrics of your choice – you can use any kind: Christmas, old radicals, etc.
- felt in green shades
keys – red
ribbon for hanging

to Cut or rip the fabric into long strips at least 12″. Paint the back with a medium layer of Mod-smorgasbord.
Here’s a little tip. I use gloss Mod smorgasbord to glue the things down and put Glitter at the top. To do you don’t have this; Sparkle glue things down – but I want to get my Sparkle MP!
Wrap the wreath with the strips. You may find you need more Mod-hodgepodge, so you add it. In particular, at the beginning and ends of the strip.
Once the strips have the wreath shape, you let it dry and paste the “schparkle” on the upper side. You allow it to dry.
you can Glue embellishments such as felt holly leaves and buttons – and, of course, a Band on the back. This garland is a favorite Christmas children’ crafts from me.

Now you know how to make an advent wreath you and your children for a variety of seasons! My next venture is to tackle it in the winter, make up – blues, silver. Your kids will have a blast (and you may still have a little fun yourself).

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