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How to Paint a herringbone-pattern-wall-art

I used to create a painter’s Band, the pattern for this herringbone canvas – then a painted word added to a Mod patchwork fabric background.
I'm a big fan of the canvas/wall art, as you know. My favorite project, the renovated ever realized, wall art, and I’m always on the search for the additional and interesting ways to decorate screens – of course with Mod-smorgasbord.
The entire herringbone canvas project began with the word “Hello.” I picked it up at the Queen Bee market-SNAP, knowing that at some point I'd art it in the wall. The time has come.br I’m in love>with my new canvas and it turned out even better than I thought it would. You will see that the blue frame? It was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $5!! I know, amazing.
I painfully, that herringbone pattern on the background, what I’m doing going to show you how to. If you want a canvas as is the case with me, here’s the tutorial.
you Paint a herringbone pattern On wall art
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge Matt
Scotch blue painter’s Band
Canvas – I have a 18″ x 24″
Framed art – the smaller fit in the canvas area with a border
material – I used Michael Miller Spa Ikat, this is enough for the canvas
wood word – I used “Hello”
Spray paint – the color of your choice
FolkArt acrylic paint – Wicker White, linen
Martha Stewart acrylic paint – Wild Blueberry
Strong craft glue – I used corrugated bonder
Mod hodgepodge scooter tops
hair brush
Spouncer, 1/2″

Here’s the wall art that I started with. I took the glass and backing from the frame. I used the backing as my surface for the herringbone (turned on). More on that later.
spray paint the frame until covered and leave to dry. I’m sure my apartment complex, to thank me for spray painting in the grass – whoopsie.
Coat your canvas with Mod conglomeration, and the fabric is starting to smooth out. Note that you do not use the entire image area at once. Canvas is not heavy, Mod-hodgepodge, but it’s easy. You need to work on a section at a time, work quickly and make sure that you have enough Mod-hodgepodge. I visually divided the canvas into four sections and worked a section at a time. You put Mod smorgasbord on the canvas, smooth the fabric gently, then repeat. Constantly observe to ensure that the fabric is straight.
This is what appearance of the canvas when you are finished. Allow it to dry. Repeat the process with the pages.
Then Mod smorgasbord of over the top edge of the canvas. Let dry.
you Cut the fabric and Mod conglomeration of the four sides on the back.
This part is great because you don’t a staple gun. Simply fold as a gift (check me), and add enough Mod to secure hodgepodge (make sure the cracks and crevices). More Mod hodgepodge add on the top and smooth with your fingers. It’s a little messy, so you might have to wash your hands – but hey, you didn’t a fancy tool, you must!
If you never miss with any of these scooters used tops, you need to! You simply screw in the color of the bottle and it works like a normal color role.
This made it SO much easier to coat the background. I gave it several layers and let it dry.
, While your background is drying, paint your word and let them dry.
time to tape! Use the ruler and pencil, divide your background into four equal sections. The Scotch blue painter’apply s-Band and smooth.
to Create the herringbone pattern, begin by taping a piece on the diagonal. Then, measure 2.5″ from the intersection on BOTH sides of the tape. This allows you to get consistent marks so that your herringbone pattern is.
tape, tear resistant and smooth. One thing I love Scotch blue painter’s Tape is that it tears so easily.
The best way to clean lines (in my opinion) is to use a spouncer on a brush. So, I use a spouncer to paint the lines.
Completely the herringbone pattern cover the areas and let them dry. Don’t overload the spouncer, or seep. You need to be patient, (I’m tell me this).
Peel away the tape immediately – what a nice, clean line! Allow it to dry.
If it’s is dry, insert the supporter into the frame and attach (I’t you put the glass). Use the glue to attach the frame to the canvas. You’ll need something strong, extra, unless the frame is really easy.
Make sure you’re centered and then glue them on the word “Hello.” What a beautiful canvas, don’t you think?
Hanging with nails or if you are really fancy, add one of those special picture-hanger-things. I love my new custom wall art.

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Scotch blue painter’s ribbon.

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